Greatest Marketing Campaigns – Outdoor Advertisements

The Trump Billboard – Airoutdoor, West Yorkshire


When I first saw this billboard, I will admit it made me chuckle a bit. It is clear that the advertising team behind this public announcement understands two things, Donald Trump is a successful entrepreneur, and, to make money, you have to spend money. Whether you love Donald Trump or you hate him, one thing is for sure, the man is wealthy beyond measure. He is a high-powered individual who draws attention wherever he goes. So, why not plaster his face on a huge sign in the middle of a prominent area of town? The look on Trump’s face seems to say, “Hey peasant, put your ad here, if you want to be like me. Duh.” I’m not sure how successful this marketing campaign was, but at least it was funny.

Econolodge Billboard


This Econolodge advertisement is obviously targeted at travelers, specifically, truck drivers. The objective of this ad is to rent as man rooms out as possible at the discount motel. The colors used on the sign are bold and bright, grabbing the attention of any passersby. With promises of truck parking, a pool, free Wifi, and a free hot breakfast, this billboard will surely lure in truckers who want all these amenities at an affordable price.

 Church in Need of Choir Members

Church sign

Clearly, the purpose of this church sign is to get parishioners and others in the community interested in joining the choir. The ad uses humor to produce the intended result. The hope is that people will see the sign, come inside, and see what it is all about. This tactic is used, not only to get people to join the choir, but, it is also intended to get more people to join the church. The payoff for anyone who does join is that they will have a place to worship any time the doors are open.

Wendy’s – Now Hiring

Wendy's billboard

Leave it to Wendy’s to use unconventional  humor to find new employees. I believe the appeal here is that management has a sense of humor. Taking this approach shows potential workers that this particular location would be a fun and laid back place to work—as laid back as a fast food joint can be anyway. I think their objective is obtainable as the sign exudes this is an enjoyable atmosphere where one can earn a paycheck. That is the driving force which would lure someone to apply.

Budweiser – “Say no to drugs”


Budweiser’s objective here is to sell more beer. While this billboard is funny, it does seem to send out the message that drinking is better than doing drugs. Obviously the target market are those people who want to get a buzz. The ad entices the viewer to go out and buy Budweiser beer. The benefit to the consumer is that they will be able to get that high feeling legally. Of course nobody want to get arrested for doing drugs, and that is the value proposition of the ad.


2 replies on “Greatest Marketing Campaigns – Outdoor Advertisements”

Hi Jennifer,

I really enjoyed reading your ad analysis. So many great ads. The ad that stood out most to me was the Budweiser ad. I love how it is touching on social issues in order to stay relevant but also creating humor. I agree that this ad is definitely for someone who wants a buzz and also think it’s for someone who likes to engage in relaxing through substances and is over the age of 21. I think the ad also is touchpoint used to hopefully get their viewer to pick a beer over drugs. Budweiser is positioning itself to be a “good time” drink and an alternative to drugs. I liked how most of your ads had a humor element, as this is so effective in grabbing the attention of the viewer. Great ads, I really enjoyed reading them.

Carter Jones

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