Greatest Marketing Campaigns – Newsprint Advertisements

Pepsi’s “Devil Shake”


Devil Shake was introduced on the market in the 1960s. While Pepsi was in a well-known feud with Coca-Cola, Royal Crown, and Moxie, it was also in a lesser-known feud with Yoo-Hoo Beverage Corporation. Pepsi wanted to cash in on the chocolate drink phenomenon and so it began. Unfortunately, the drink died an early death thanks to a little deal with Yoo-Hoo. This ad appealed to those who wanted something other than the traditional cola drink—those who were “daringly different.” The objective was to sell more products made by PepsiCo. The payoff, or proposition value, is that the consumer would look hip or “glitzy” while drinking Devil Shake.

Don’t Be Bald” – Hygienic Vacuum Cap Co.


Nothings is better for graying hair or a balding scalp than vacuuming your head a few minutes every day. That’s what the Hygienic Vacuum Cap Company wanted their customers to believe, anyway. The target market for this product was middle-aged men who wanted to keep their youthful hairline intact. The objective of the ad campaign was to sell more of these contraptions. The ad invites potential customers embark upon a 30-day free trial with a promise of obtaining “perfect health for the hair.” The value proposition of the product is the promise of a perfect head of hair, using the Hygienic Vacuum Cap.

Borders Book Store Closing Advertisement


This type of ad is pretty commonplace when a store goes out of business. When a particular Borders bookstore went out of business, this ad could be found in the local newspaper. The objective was to inform the public that the store was closing and to sell as much merchandise as possible, before the doors closed. The target market for the campaign were the people who wanted to buy books, DVDs, CDs, and other merchandise at a significantly reduced price. If the viewer of the ad took this action, they would be able to get those items before they were gone for good. The value proposition comes packaged in the statements, “ENTIRE STORE ON SALE!” “NOTHING HELD BACK!” “EVERYTHING MUST GO!” This tactic drives customers to buy the products, because they will never again have the opportunity.

Derzon Coins – Pawn Shop Advertisement

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This newspaper ad promotes the Derzon Coins pawn shop. The focus of the piece is to evoke the feeling of necessity to own these items within buyers and to give sellers, or those who need to pawn an item, a sense of momentary financial relief. The objective of the campaign is to bring in buyers and sellers (the target market) alike to help the business make more money. If a potential buyer takes action, they will be able to own various coins, jewelry, or collectibles. If a potential seller takes action, they stand to profit from the sale of their items. Others can borrow money against their items, pay their loan off at later date, then, retrieve the item. If they do not return, the shop can sell the item to recoup their loss and make a profit as well.

Subway – “Eat Fresh”


This Dillsburg, PA Subway ad focuses on evoking an emotional response of joy—the enjoyment that comes from eating good food. The objective of the advertisement it to make more money by promising “fresh food fast.” Most people are used to eating fast food that is not healthy. If customers are lured in by this ad, the benefit is that they will have healthier options at fast food prices. Most people are aware that burgers and fries are not good for us. So, the benefit to customers who choose Subway, instead of a burger joint, is just what the ad promises—the opportunity to “eat fresh. “









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