The Group Communication Dynamic

Written by: Jennifer Scott In the 2001 remake of the film “Ocean’s Eleven,” the group dynamic is intriguingly complex. When Daniel Ocean sets out to seek revenge on Terry Benedict, the man he feels stole his ex-wife from him, he puts together a group of criminal geniuses to help him carry out his master plan […]

Telepathy… The Future of Communication?

Written by: Jennifer Scott Anyone who knows me knows I love discussing the topic of communication. In fact, I have a Bachelor of Science degree in, you guessed it, communication. I am fascinated with the many forms of communication which we have access to today. There have been many advancements in the field over the […]

Integrity and Trust in Successful Leadership

Written by: Jennifer Scott According to the East Carolina University website, leadership is “a relational process of inspiring, empowering, and influencing positive change” (“Office of the Leadership Collaborative,” 2016). Essentially, what this means is, how well we relate to others determines how successful we will be when assuming leadership roles in the classroom and out […]

Top 6 Red Flags of a Toxic Work Environment

Jennifer R. Scott │ July 20, 2020 Are you satisfied with your current job situation? Does your employer provide you with opportunities for growth? Does your employer advocate for strong working relationships? Do you feel a sense of accomplishment in your current role? Do you feel safe at work? Do you receive adequate support when […]

Classic Interview: Who is “Krazy Dave?”

On December 1, 2015, I had the pleasure of interviewing David Eckler aka “Krazy Dave,” formally of Tru Television’s Lizard Lick Towing and Recovery, on his experiences serving in the United States Marine Corps, starring on the show, and his other projects.       Tell me where you got the name Krazy Dave. Ah, […]

11 Questions with Dr. Jacqueline Darna, Creator of the NoMo Nausea Phenomenon

Jennifer West February 17, 2019 Dr. Jacqueline (Jackie) Darna never imagined that experiencing a severe bout of nausea after the birth of her daughter would lead to the discovery of a line of natural products which would take the homeopathic medical community by storm. Recently, I caught up with Jackie to get the scoop on […]

Angel Investors: The Harvesting Strategy

To wrap up this series on angel investors, I am going to discuss harvesting strategy. Some would say this is the most important step in the process. Knowing how, if and when you will see a return on your investment is crucial. There are seven harvesting methods, five positive and two negative. The positive harvesting […]

Angel Investors: Participating Roles

According to the book, “Winning Angels,” by David Amis and Howard Stevens, angel investors “follow participation roles that are a combination of the needs and wants of the entrepreneur, the company, and themselves.” (Amis & Stevenson, 2001) Basically, this means that, sometimes, the role of an angel investor is nothing more than being an investor […]

11 Questions with Joan Sue West

Traditionally, I work with entrepreneurs who are well-known subject matter experts (SMEs) in their respective fields. However, not all SMEs are famous. As a matter of fact, my favorite SME, my mentor, is not famous at all, but she has prevailed in her field, nonetheless. Joan Sue West has been a “Jane of all trades” […]

Angel Investors: To Negotiate or Not to Negotiate

According to “Winning Angels,” there are “four elements” up for consideration when negotiating a deal—structure, price, the amount of capital that will be invested, and what role, if any, you will play in the development of the company. (Amis & Stevenson, 2001) These angels are also aware that not every deal presents a chance to […]