Greatest Marketing Campaigns – Television Advertisements

ENT 610 – Entrepreneurial Marketing Strategies

The “Sugar Bites” Campaign – Contra Costa County, CA

The Contra Costa County Health Department set out to educate its residents on the unhealthy side effects of sugar consumption with its “Sugar Bites” television commercial. The emotional response evoked by this ad is one of fear. No one wants their children to have a mouth full of cavities, and parents certainly don’t want their children to develop diabetes. The ad depicts sugar as a monster that should be avoided at all costs. If viewers take the advice given, it is suggested their children will lead longer, healthier lives. While this ad does not directly sell any products, it does elude that there are healthier alternatives to sugar fruit juices and snacks. In turn, this could drive up sales of options such as fresh fruits and vegetables.

To watch the commercial, click here.

Fruity Pebbles Amusement Park Commercial

This commercial features Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble from The Flintstones television show, and it is targeted at younger children. The cartoon format draws young viewers in by showing how much Barney desires to eat Fred’s Fruity Pebbles. Barney gets excited over all the flavors—orange, cherry, grape, lemon, and lime. By using this type of angle, the company hopes the children who watch the commercial, and hear Barney exclaim, “ Watch me trick Fred, because I can’t get that fruity taste out of my head,” will also go crazy over the product. This type of advertising has a high appeal to children, therefore, driving them to ask their parents to buy the cereal.

To watch the commercial, click here.

2001 Pepsi Commercial, featuring Shakira

The focus of this ad is Pepsi Cola. At the time, Shakira was a hot commodity, especially to young men all over the world. She was talented, beautiful, and cool. Every young man’s dream girl, right? By using her in the commercial, Pepsi set out to use Shakira’s sex appeal to lure in the target market, just as they had done back in the late 80s, by featuring, then “it” girl, Cindy Crawford. The objective of the ad was to make drinking Pepsi look cool. In the end, one young man does get Shakira’s attention simply by tossing her a Pepsi, and that is the driving factor for someone from the target market to purchase the product.

To watch the commercial, click here.

“Rise Above” – The 2019 Cadillac SUVs

The commercial begins with a little girl daydreaming about what she could become, then it goes on to show people who have made it big. The ad shows a parallel between making it big and driving a Cadillac SUV. In recent years, Cadillac set out to increase sales by appealing to a younger market—the millennials. Commercials such as this one evokes a sense of necessity, and that is exactly what the car manufacturer wants, because it drives up sales. Viewers are urged to “rise above,” and own a new Cadillac SUV. In doing so, they will then be able to live a more desirable lifestyle.

To watch the commercial, click here.

“The Go-Getters” – Taco Bell Delivery Commercial

The focus of this ad is Taco Bell’s new delivery service. The advertiser uses a humor to compare some of life’s grandest achievements—climbing a mountain, becoming a ballerina, being a rocket scientist—to the ability to have tacos delivered to your door. The target market is those who do not want to go sit in the drive-thru or stand in line at the store. It is for those who want a more convenient option. With this tactic, the company shows a desire to increase sales. Obviously, the viewer benefits from this, because it does not require much effort to get dinner on the table. It is unclear how receptive the audience will be, but I suppose time will tell.

To watch the commercial, click here.


6 replies on “Greatest Marketing Campaigns – Television Advertisements”

I really like your selection of TV ads for this assignment. My favorite is the “Sugar Bites” ad from CA. Not only because I agree with the message whole heatedly, but because it seems to get the attention of kids and parents.


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I like how you formatted this assignment. I began by trying to tie the analysis in paragraph form-blending it. I was afraid I would have gaps in my information, so I started to bullet my points. You did a great job at what I had initially attempted to do. Much better to read as well.

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Well done on your analysis this week! I personally love the fruity pebbles commercial. It reminds me of a much simpler time when I ate fruity pebbles 🙂 The Pepsi commercial is a fun one. I really enjoyed the fun music and the way it worked to sell the pop.

I hope you have a great rest of this course.



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