Greatest Marketing Campaigns – Radio Advertising

ENT 610 – Entrepreneurial Marketing Strategies

“Go for the Gusto” – Shlitz

In 1970, Shlitz released a radio advertising campaign ad urging listeners to “take life one day at a time” and to just “go for the gusto.” The ad tells the story of a fisherman who is about to face a severe storm out in the North Atlantic Ocean. The narrator compares the gusto of the incoming storm to the gusto of Shlitz beer. It is pretty easy to grasp the objective of this commercial—to sell more beer to their target market, the rugged, blue collar worker—more specifically, men. The benefit to the target market is that they won’t be settling for less if they choose to drink Shlitz beer. The hope was customers would be driven to buy the product to be like the character portrayed in the advertisement.

To listen to the ad, click here.

“The Wacky Waterfall” – GIECO

This 2012 radio commercial, released by GIECO insurance company, is targeted toward families who must adhere to a budget, if they want to be able to afford such luxuries as a family trip to the local amusement park. In keeping with the light, humorous tone of other GIECO commercials, this ad delivers more of the same. The parents want to save money, but they also want to create a fun environment for the kids. They can’t afford to take the kids to a real amusement park, so they fill the bathtub with water, turn on the shower, and tell the children to hop into “The Wacky Waterfall.” Of course, the kids are less than enthused with the parents’ lack in judgement. The gist of the ad is that these parents could afford to go to a real amusement park, if they would just switch to GEICO and save a lot of money on their car insurance. GEICO uses a similar approach in all of their advertisements in an effort to drive customers to come to the company for all of their insurance needs.

To listen to the ad, click here.

World Cup Radio Campaign – Pizza Hut

Watching major sports events on the big screen and eating pizza go hand in hand. Nobody knows this better than the marketing pros who create the advertising campaigns for Pizza Hut. During the 2010 World Cup, Pizza Hut went all out. With every two Super Supreme pizza ordered, customers would receive four free cans of Pepsi and a soccer ball. Obviously, this campaign was directed at soccer fans in an effort to sell more pizza. By purchasing this meal deal, customers would benefit by not having to pay for their beverages and they would receive a gift that would last beyond game day. In return, Pizza Hut would stand to increase sales by a significant amount. Soccer and pizza lovers everywhere would have a good reason to give their patronage to the restaurant chain on that day and in the future. Everybody loves getting free stuff.

To listen to the ad, click here.

Fillet-O-Fish Radio Campaign – McDonalds

This advertisement uses the concept of an “inner monologue,” or the voices in a guy’s head to create excitement for McDonalds’ special 2 for $3.33 deal on the Fillet-O-Fish sandwich. The ad begins as he is talking to himself about the sandwich he has envisioned in his head. All is well, that is, until another voice cuts in and begins to move in on his food. Then, the narrator cuts in and says, “ Any day is a great day for a Filet-O-Fish sandwich.” The target market of this ad are McDonalds customers who may want an alternative to eating a burger, and the objective here is to draw attention to the sandwich. The selling point which would make customers want to buy a Fillet-O-Fish is the fact that they can purchase to sandwiches for one low price. This tactic has always worked well for the restaurant chain.

To listen to the ad, click here.

O’Rewards Member Appreciation Month Campaign– O’Reilly Auto Parts

O’Reilly Auto Parts’ O’Rewards program was designed to give customers incentives to buy their products. Their member appreciation month campaign allows customers to rack up double points which will, in turn, give them the opportunity buy items at a reduced cost in the future or to receive select items at no cost. This ad utilizes the company’s jingle, along with a voice over announcer, to create excitement about the O’Rewards program. The target market for this campaign are non-commercial customers. By taking advantage of the program, these customers stand to gain the products they need at a discount. This is a huge incentive to purchase products from the auto parts chain. The program is creates more revenue for the company.

To listen to the ad, click here.







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