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Top 6 Red Flags of a Toxic Work Environment

Jennifer R. Scott │ July 20, 2020

Are you satisfied with your current job situation? Does your employer provide you with opportunities for growth? Does your employer advocate for strong working relationships? Do you feel a sense of accomplishment in your current role? Do you feel safe at work? Do you receive adequate support when problems arise? If you answered no to any of these questions, there is a strong possibility you are currently in a toxic work environment.

High Employee Turn Over

There are may reasons for a high employee turnover rate, from lack of recognition and being overworked to low pay and being subjected to a toxic work environment. It is best to look for this red flag during the job search process. If you find a company that you are interested in has a high turn over rate, it is best to avoid that company all together. There is a good reason that no one stays for the long haul.

No Training Programs for Management

Managers need proper training to become effective leaders. Lack of training for managers often results in low employee morale, more workplace accidents and poor overall performance. Proper training is conducive to a more productive work environment.  When an employer does not take the time to invest time into professionally training their leaders, serious issues are sure to follow.

Hostile Work Environment

No one should ever feel intimidated, discriminated against or fearful at work. When an employee reports an act of sexual harassment, physical or psychological intimidation or racial, ethnic, religious or gender discrimination, such problems should be taken seriously by an employer and be resolved quickly. When such acts can go on, this is a clear indication an employer does not participate in fair organizational practices.

Money is Most Important

Without a doubt, generating cash flow is a top priority in any business venture. However, making sure the people who help generate the profits should be held equally as important. When employee morale and job satisfaction take a backseat to the bottom line, it becomes abundantly clear an employer does not value the worth of their employees. When the leaders of a company only care about dollar figures, they lose sight of their most valuable assets—the employees—the people who keep the doors open.

No Work/Life Balance

In recent years, more companies have adopted “lean” corporate practices to save time, money and increase revenue. The problem with this is many employees are left feeling overwhelmed, overworked and that their personal time boundaries are not being respected. When an employer does not show reverence for the personal life of an employee, that is a clear indication that employer has no sense of compassion or humanity.

Your gut is telling you to leave.

You are unhappy. You feel a sense of dread when the alarm goes off every morning. You debate calling in sick. You feel like nothing you accomplish will ever meet expectations, no matter how hard you work. You hate your job. This may be the biggest red flag of them all.


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