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Upcoming Book: Introduction and a Survey for You!

Jennifer R. Scott │August 17, 2021

Hi, everyone! I am excited to announce my upcoming book, Take That Job And Shove It: Why American Workers Are No Longer Willing To Settle For Dead-End, Low-Paying, High-Stress Jobs. By now, many of you have heard of “The Great Resignation.” If not, I am giving my readers and subscribers the first glance at the introduction of my book which touches on this subject. I would also like to invite you to take the Employee Satisfaction Survey.

If you have ever quit a job, especially in the last year, I would love to hear from you. If you have quit a job in the last ten years, or if you have never quit a job, I would also love to hear your feedback. This survey is being used to gather important information pertinent to the subject matter of the book. While you can input your email address at the beginning of the survey, that is totally optional. You can take the survey without giving out your email address. It will take around 10-20 minutes to complete all of the questions. If you have any questions about the survey, please contact me here. Thanks for reading along, and I cannot wait to see what all of you have to say!

P.S. There will be a new survey coming soon-“The Job Search Experience.


Book Introduction


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